HELP! Shredder parts needed in Finland+ Uganda

Hi guys!

We are multidisciplinary student team from Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) and Makerere University (Kampala, Uganda). Our team is working under the project of Problem-Based Learning East Africa which brings multidisciplinary teams from four universities (University of Dar es Salaam, University of Nairobi, Makerere University and Aalto University) to develop sustainable solutions to community challenges. The project is organized by Aalto Global Impact. (
We are planning to establish Precious Plastic workspace in Kampala, Uganda and we need some help. We (team Aalto) are flying to Uganda this Saturday (10.02.2018). Today we found out that the lasercutter we were depending on to get the parts ready in Finland cannot deliver until that day.

IS THERE ANYONE IN FINLAND WHO CAN HELP US WITH SHREDDER PARTS? We would appreciate that a lot! Or is there anyone who can deliver the parts in Kampala, Uganda?


Welcome to Precious Plastic @annobanno
I’m tagging here a few members who might help you with getting the shredder parts:



Got some plans (-ish) for them later on 🙂

If you don’t need those extra laser cut parts, I suggest you to put them in the Precious Plastic Bazar, I’m sure you will sell them in a breeze

Nice! Great that you got it sorted out 🙂

Thanks @ashrak @arnie @xxxolivierxxx for responding and offering the help.

I have a very good news update 🙂 We arrived in Kampala, Uganda and managed to organize the metal works here in Makerere University labs. Next week we will start building the machines. If you are more curious about our project you can follow us on instagram: or check out our blog:

Next step will be to build the machines in Helsinki, Finland in Aalto University. (fingers crossed)

Hey @annobanno !

I saw your message a little late, I do have a extra set of laser cut parts.

Hej @annobanno, holà @xxxolivierxxx,

You’re welcome to join our group at

Unfortunately, only a couple of people are active in the group ;-(

I started collecting but did not get much further.

To my knowledge, no one in Finland has yet managed to start a workplace or if they did thet are not on the map at, did not mention it in forums.

@w2mjohnoak might be able to help?

All the best, Arnie.