Help students to build a shredder – BELGIUM

Dear community,

We need your help! We are two students studying interior architecture in Belgium.
For our bachelor assignment we are working on a project, an installation, to raise awareness around the problem of plastic pollution.
Our goal is to create an interactive installation wherein the visitor will be actively involved. We want the visitor to rethink the way they use plastic.
In our installation the shredding machine will play a central role, we want the visitors to shred plastic waste (PET bottles) themselves.
Unfortunately we lack the skills to build this machine ourselves, so this is where we need your help guys!
It would be fantastic if there is somebody out there who could help us build one! Or if someone has a shredder available that we can borrow and use temporarily for the installation?

Emmely & Caroline
Students Interior architecture (GHENT – BELGIUM)

I can help.
send me an email