Help with Cost to Build in Australia – Budget for Nonprofit

Hey you plastic recycling kings & queens!

I’m the Operations Manager at Surfrider Foundation Australia, a non-profit sea-roots organisation dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of Australia’s beaches & waves.

One of our major campaigns is Rise Above Plastics, which aims to raise widespread awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution on our marine environments, encouraging society to transcend or ‘rise above’ the habitual acceptance of single-use convenience items in order to prevent the problem at its source.

As part of our Rise Above Plastics campaign, our 17 national branches hold beach clean events many times throughout the year, where we remove many tonnes of plastic pollution from Australia’s coastline.

It would be UNREAL to get a Precious Plastic recycling machine to each of my branches for community engagement in recycling plastics, and so the plastic doesn’t just go straight back into the bin.

This is where you come in.

Can anyone please help me with costings of creating these machines in Australia? I will be applying for grants for this project and need to create a realistic budget. Any help is so appreciated!

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I am an Australian based machine builder.

they can be pricy but you would probably only need a shredder and then an injection molding machine.

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