Help with finding shredder motor w reducer – USA

Hi all! Anyone in the US have any connections on a shredder motor? I have been looking for weeks on eBay with no avail. I would love at least 2hp and at least 40rpm output (as long as the torque is sufficient enough not to jam, at least 2,700lbs/300nm). My budget is $300-$400. Any help would be greatly appreciated, even what to search for on eBay.

P.S. Would anyone recommend just purchasing a motor and then a VFD instead of a reducer? Any set up recommendations? This sounds easier but I am sure I am missing something.

I found a 3HP 2.2KW 7A 220VAC SINGLE PHASE VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE INVERTER VSD VFD. Could this be wired up to a 3hp motor and be good to go? This has a single phase input but a 3 phase output to the 3phase motor? This sounds too good to be true?

you want at least 2.2 Kw (3-4 Kw for shredding PET bottles), 3 phase with a common configuration of 1500 RPM and a reducer of 1:20. 3 phase is common since it’s way more efficient for this application. In top you need a 3Kw VFD. Here in Spain the motor with reducer is around 350 Euro, before 21% VAT. The VFD is around 145 Euro. Make sure its a original Huanyang , it has a orange label and a potentiometer. This VFDs enable you quite some extras: emergency switch, quick speed selector, backward, forward,…and if you like, auto-reverse via Arduino.

Unfortunately, most offers for motors on ebay & amazon and aliexpress go max. 1800 Watt so you’re more likely have to go to your next machine shop or find a special supplier.

eventually @justinc from precious plastic USA can help you … (he’s using single phase motors)

that should be fine. Personally I don’t like used motors and especially reducers/gearboxes since they can wear out, thus not running that efficient anymore.  Anyways, if it’s in a good condition you could try.

A VFD gives you nothing more than enabling single phase to 3 phase and speed regulation and of course lots of inputs/outputs for extra electronics (forward/backward).

Also make sure that the input shaft is at least 30 mm (recommendation). And at this point I have to warn you that there are quite a few reports of broken or bent shredder shafts. We ship only with a 32 mm hexbar, 28 mm is fine too … I have the updated laser files in metric if you like.

And yes, for shredding house hold waste, anything above 300Nm will be ok. Shredding industrial waste (4mm thickness) needs more.

Thanks for the reply! I was under the impression that torque is more important than hp/kw. The configuration you recommended yields 280NM. The one below I actually just found yields 356NM. Would this be sufficient? Would it be more efficient to connect a 3hp motor a VFD or just to get this below? What are the advantages using a VFD vs reducer?

I just found this:
Model:FA47DT100LS4 DFT100LS4
Output RPM:60
Power:3 HP
Shaft OD:1-3/8 IN
Voltage (AC):230 V-AC, 460 V-AC
Shipping Weight:92.00 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:18.00 x 11.75 x 11.25 in