Help with Shredder Laser cut parts in USA 3rd attempt (Tri State Area)

Hello guys! I understand there is someone that could convert the metric to imperial plans.
Also anyone of you knows or is working with a company in USA (preferably) that can cut the parts and ship ? please let me know email:

May be easier to go to Parker Steel Co. in Toledo and purchase the 3, 5 & 6mm sheets so the existing files should work. They may be able to quote a price on cutting the parts for you. Good luck

If anyone was interested, I could just redesign the machine for standard thickness.

We really apologize for taking so long to get back to you folks! We’ve been really struggling to keep up with the incredible demand, but just hired someone to help us serve you better 🙂


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Andrés, for Precious Plastic México

I got a response form Precious Plastic Mexico. It took abotu a month(ignoring the holidays) I live in central Illinois and after shipping I’m looking at $359. Some of my older post have some other options but there’s a number to work with if you’re interesting in comparing cost.

@leebarnard the cutter will cut the parts without any problem, but the pieces will have the wrong thickness. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t got a response from @andresornelas. Unfortunately, I don’t know of anyone else on the forum making these machines on US or nearby.

@leebarnard and @xxxolivierxxx I also have not heard from the mexican guys, email was sent over a month ago 🙁

Emailed Mexico but haven’t heard back. Guy converting in Texas is not willing to share.
I know the differences in metric and standard will be small and probably not workable. But will a machine set for standard read the metric plans and cut. Or do think the cutter won’t even cut. thanks, MLB

That wont work… I know the gauge difference between the imperial unit steel sheets and the 3/5/6mm metric sheets is small, but if you add those differences among all the knives and spacers, it will be a lot.

@andresornelas from Precious Plastic Mexico is currently making and selling shredders. You can drop him an email at, the cost of the shredder plus shipping to US will be much cheaper than buying the steel sheets yourself and cutting them.

@jibbajamba was working on convertir the machine drawings to imperial units, I don’t know if he managed to fully convert the drawings but you can see more info here:

Have a quote from Parker Steel Co. in Toledo, Ohio. Sheets are 59″ x 118″. 3mm sheet is approx. $16.58 per sq. ft., 5mm is $18.27, 6mm is $21.93. Crating is $50.00. Shipping from Toledo, Ohio to Tampa, Florida is approx. $520.00. Ouch!
How many shredders can be built from one sheet of each thickness? Thanks, Lee

@xxxolivierxxx can you help with @leebarnard question?

What would happen if I were to cut the shredder parts using American measured steel rather than the 3,5,& 6mm steel specified? Would the parts be correct except for steel thickness or would machine not cut due to metric measurements? thanks, MLB

@leebarnard Thank you I will check them up. Have you contacted them before for parts? if so how much was your quote including shipping