Here we go

I just began a project :
– for the first location : a shredder, an injection molding machine and a compressor
– when it will work fine I shall present the micro-factory to small islands communities and offer training for the users.

My problems :
– The water cutting factory here cannot read the blueprints. They need to see each part of the shredder separately, in order to make a preliminary estimate. They need a drawing of each part, with the dimensions and the amount of each one. Is the drawing available ?
– I shall soon spend a few days in Paris and in Lyon (France). Is there somebody there already recycling plastic with the Precious Plastic tools kit, in order for me to see it working and to learn the how-to ?

Hope to go on soon.


In order to help the water-jet workshop I gave a closer look to the kit-master files. A few things to mention first :
** on the document “precious-plastic-kit-master\3. Build\Shredder\Blueprints\00_laser files\overview tecnhical” there is no usable quantity in the Quantity column. One has to look for them on each drawing or in the “Part Number” column. If I can get the original document I can correct that. It will be easier for next users.
** on the document “precious-plastic-kit-master\3. Build\Shredder\Blueprints\00_laser files\Overview” the quantity mentioned for the third knife (part #7 on the previous doc, “overview tecnhical”) is 5, instead or 4 in the previous doc. I suppose that 4 is the right quantity.
** the parts #10 (SieveBrackets) could be made 4 times (or 6 times), instead of 2 times, to allow trials with different perforated sheets.
The cutting workshop needs separate drawings for each part, in order to organize them am best on the metal sheet.

I can do the job but I don’t have any special (and expensive) software. Is it possible to get the original files usable with Inkjet, for instance, or any other open source 2D drawing free software ?

Have a happy day/night/morning/afternoon (depending upon your location)
Pierre-Henri – Tahiti