Hexacon bar in Den Bosch-Eindhoven area, the Netherlands

Dear all,

we are currently busy with gathering the various parts necessary for the shredder and injection machine. We are based in Colombia which causes various problems with the dimensions of various items. One is the hexagon bar, which do not seem available in the dimensions mentioned in the blueprint (27mm). Now we have have a friend who will be visiting us soon and lives in Den Bosch / Oss, the Netherlans, and have asked him if he cant have a look in the metal shops for a hexagon bar of those dimension, but he is kind of at loss where to look. We were wondering if somebody from that area (Brabant) is active here and can point us/him into the right direction, or maybe even knows a shop where to buy this.
@keesdeligt we know that you helped build the machines with @davehakkens and he is from that area, maybe you know where to buy this?


HI @layla,

that should be no problem, send me a mail with his e-mail adres so we can contact.
kees@(use the project title) .com

Thanks @keesdeligt, will send you an email. @novaqui it seems that here we can get 25 and 28 mm, so you could adjust the lasercut files so that it would fit whatever size of hexagon bar you can find. I know of others here in Colombia who are busy doing that, but we like to stay as close to the original design as possible.

Yeah the same problem here in Perth Australia, I cannot find a 27 mm hex bar