Hi! This is Arvin from Singapore

Hi everyone!

My group and I made a injection machine in this year’s Singapore MakerFaire. Check out all the photos !

I just want to encourage anyone in Singapore who would like to make these machines to start! 🙂 We started off not knowing how to weld or do electronics, but by learning from friends both offline and from YouTube, we managed to make the machine.

Here are some videos that we watched(other than the super useful videos in preciousplastic.com! Thanks Dave and team!).
Hopefully they will be useful for you too!

We are going to make the compression next, so contact me if you are interested to join! 🙂


Hi Arvin! I’m from Singapore too and I am very keen to help. Is there any way I can contact you directly to find out more?

thank you for the info… & i like you say “encouraging people in singapore” 😀
such a wonderfull act

Hi @baisimu and @giedre! Thanks for your interest! We are currently halting our plastic project build up as we are focusing on building our new makerspace at UWCSEA East campus (nothing much in the FB page yet haha).

We still meet every Saturday, but we are building furniture for the makerspace instead of the plastic machine. The plastic machine making will resume after we are settled in the new makerspace. So if you are interested to help us make furniture while learning some woodworking skill, you can contact me via email (arvin@sl2square.org).


Welcome to precious plastic @febriy
Your injection machine looks awesome, congratulations on a successful project 😀

Hi Arvin, I am working for Danone and we are currently exploring simple plastic recycle opportunities for communities in Indonesia. Would be really great if you could share how you build the machine and maybe even help us build one example? Or maybe you have somebody who could help us to build one?
Most of the project team are based in Singapore and we would really appreciate the opportunity to either meet or just get some support / advice how to build the machine.
Would appreciate if you could share your contact details: giedre.maciute@danone.com
Thanks! And very much looking forward to hearing from you