Home Building Blocks

I recently saw this video about a man who came up with the idea of recycling plastics into giant, Lego-like bricks to build affordable homes for low-income families. I don’t know if this has already been shared, but I figured everyone here would love to hear about and see something like this. Check out the article about the creator (as well as the video showing how it’s done and all) here: http://bit.ly/29mEKQq


I wonder if blocks made from PET bottles would allow light through… Mmm I’m going yo have to look into this more

I’ve got another link of a company that recycles Type 2 milk jugs into fencing.


I really like the idea of making Recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL) because it could be used in the building of a great variety of things and also uses a good amount of plastic to make in the process. Let me know what you guys think!

I am planning for a general renovation on a certain room. and I also seen various of this creative ideas to include in construction. I was just wondering if the bricks will not deform since it will be use for walls and it looks like don’t have strongholds on it. DO you think a mesh type fiberglass will works than of this? Or perhaps is it possible to transform fiberglass with mesh to this type of bricks?

Arriane, designer for http://caldwells.com/interior-doors/craftsman-doors

@rouenast I am engneering student and if I get your sketch up I can work on it. kindly share through my mail gchofie@gmail.com. thank you.

I just mention to @uknavigators seem like it have already taking step toward it.

This is my Idea…. but I have serious problem melting the plastic, I need to melt 1.6 Kg of different plastics- I would appreciate advice

@rouenast or you could just pass me the “data” of your blocks (sizings), so I can draw it from scratch in Autocad? Although I’m not going to do so before end of august (we have a pretty important deadline to make). What are your thaughts about other modular blocks?
The other ideaa, for gardening, is also pretty cool!

@rulo Also i find something similar to lego toys , they designed for gardening. I draw them with Google Sketchup i dont have Autocad files but i can send you the sketchup files if you want along with other brick designs of mine

Other building blocks: there are people already doing this, which is great! We (Farocoop) also have this in mind, together with modular blocks to make robust chairs and tables. I didn’t start to make designs, but do you have yours in .dwg @rouenast? Then I can open them in my Autocad and see wether we can improve them? Or put them aside other ideas?

Nice design. Looks like it would also work for building garden beds and containers 🙂

Here is the design i made for the building home/shelter with recycled plastic for animals on the street 🙂 not for the big houses for people but small tiny home for our loyal friends

In his process, does he separates the plastic by type before it is moulded it into bricks? if it’s not separated it should be weaker, although for such a thick brick I’m not sure it matters and it won’t be weaker.
For how long houses built from these bricks will be able to last?