Hopper for shredder

Hi all, I almost finish to find all the parts I need to build the shredder, I need a lasercut file for a interloscking hopper without welding like the one in the fotos. In add I would find a solution that avoid to weld the sieve and know tricks on how to give it the right curve.
Thank in advance.

I didn’t really get your post intention @fabirihotmail-com, are you sharing a hopper you made with MDF, or are you asking for help for building one yourself?
@verocont made a similar MDF version of the hopper, you can see more details here: http://onearmy.world/community/forums/topic/mdf-hopper

In this game zone you have seen this lots of game and the all game are free and if you find that how to get robux free junction will be used then you can see that whole the new function i am so excited to see this function.

Hi Olivier, fortunately veronica share the file for this hopper, we can close the topic, thank you.