Host an Educational Carnival Game Booth

For many years, our charity organization has been taking part in local Expos, Events, and Faires using a "Carnival Game Booth" concept, rather than trying to SELL our handcrafted wares. Our first educational game was in 2014. It folks which items were recyclable, or not, in accordance with our local municipality's recycling system. We used a simple ring-toss and gave out our crafts as prizes!



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Step 1 - Create a Fun Recycling Ed Game

Think of one or more safe fun carnival games and adapt the items and themes in the game to teach a little something about the plastics rescue or recycling process.

Step 2 - Request an Event Booth

Rather than pay a high "vendor" booth fee, and then try to compete with other artisans at selling your token-priced items at craft fairs or street markets; consider asking if your Educational Ecology Game can be in the recreational, educational, environmental, or community section of your local expo, fair, or farmer's market. Some event coordinators MIGHT offer you a free or reduced booth fee rate, simply because of the "entertainment" or "educational" value of your game for the event's visiting attendees. Attendees can be encouraged to bring their clean recyclables to the event, as an option for earning a "free play" and winning a tiny token-prize or sticker.

Step 3 - Set Your Game-Play Price-Point

Donors or Buyers who want to play for more than a tiny token or sticker can be given the option to pay/donate to play until they win.

Choose a game-play price-point that matches the cost and value of the medium and larger prizes you will provide. Make sure that EVERYONE who donates or pays to play your game wins a medium or larger-sized prize of appropriate value for what they paid or donated.

You can also set easier or harder targets; for the chance at winning premium prizes too. OR; you can allow folks to play again and then trade back in multiple smaller prizes - for one larger prize of the cumulative price/value - before they walk away from your game!

Everyone is a winner!

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