Hot Glue Gun With plastic Sticks

Has anybody successfully made hot glue sticks out of Plastic? I think It could be an easier alternative to building the extruder.

Interesting idea.
It couldn’t replace an extruder but could be used to fill small molds.
I’m not sure how regulated the temperature is on a glue gun, I would figure that out first before risking off-gassing the plastic.

I really like the way you used the colors and blended them.

Yes, these examples are made in the oven from shredded 3D print failures.

Yes, the idea is to get 3D print mistakes and supports from a nearby technology camp. But I still need to make them into glue stick shapes. I think shaping them will be the hardest part. Do you have any ideas?

I think that’s fine for PLA, I’ve had it dance around the 200 to 250 mark a bunch of times (according to the oven thermometer) with it not burning. Are you recycling bad 3D prints and supports?

Thanks for your response. I did some research and I read that PLA plastic (what I would be using) melts around 180°C to 220°C. and high-temperature hot glue guns operate at 190–210 °C. so it is pretty much the same temperature. Do you think off-gassing will still be a concern?