Houses in Manila

Hi !
I’m Mathilde from Quebec/France/Philippines. Please excuse my english which is not very perfect… I wanted to share with you this video of poor people living in a cemetery in the center of Manila the capital of the Philippines (video). As you can see, they are living near a huge mountain of plastic waste which maybe we could use to help them (and the planet !). I wanted to know if there was anyone who was interested by a project of creating plastic bricks to build some little houses for this people ? This project will maybe require lot of work (building the machines, ask for autorisations (?), think about the best shape of brick and which plastic,etc.), so I’m looking for a team 🙂

Have a good day !


Hi Mathilde,
I am living in Montreal and I started a project to recycle plastics in different countries. The first step is to build the machines in Montreal for a proof of concept before going to set up the solution in thoses countries.
So if you want to discuss about our projects and see if we can help each other, just contact me (in french 😉 at