How do I make sheet goods

I have an idea for products using plastic I can recycle, but it requires I make sheets 300mm x 300mm, 3 and 6mm thick.

How do I make that? I am good at steel work, was originally thinking some sort of mold and then press it in with 10 ton press? Do I heat the mold and squish the top of the mould? Or build a mould and extrude it in or something?


Hi Jeff,
I actually just joined the community.  I am looking for recycled plastic sheets for thermal forming.
If you figure out how to make them, would you be willing to sell some to me?
I would need them to be 1.5mm thickness
thanks in advance for any help and good luck to you!!

I’m thinking I would need 8″ x 12″ sheets at least.
I’m just trying out some molds at the moment so I would say whatever you have that you would be willing to sell would be awesome!

Hi Jeff,
I just found this post a few pages back…someone was asking how to make a sheet for a light shade like .6 mm or something
xxxolivierxxx08/05/2018 AT 07:472 @ashari

You can use a heat press to make the sheets, and use polycarbonate or PET plastic to achieve a translucent effect