How do I start on a budget

I really want to get into recycling on my own, and not just for profit.
I walk my city streets and see plastic constantly, but I don’t have the money to drop on all the stuff needed for these machines.
I was wondering if any of you have found alternatives,  all i really want to do is extrude filament into spools and sell it off while simultaneously promoting eco-friendly habits. Please help me out with any ideas for an economic setup for recycling


I am in a similar situation to yours.

What I’m focusing on is getting the community interested enough so that they volunteer and donate to the cause.

I found a local plastic shredding facility so my plan is to make a compression machine first so I can sell the items that I make in order to fund the rest of the machine and tools.

I know it’s hard and may seem formidable, but try to work with your community.

have a look at this : it’s not too difficult and if you could manage to a nice set of hammers done, I can imagine to sell this in you local environment in relative short time. the basic tools to get this done are around 200 – 300 Euro

doing filament can get quite expensive (2-3K) if you go for mid range quality filament. unfortunately PP gave here quite misleading & wrong information, there is in fact no evidence that anybody ever made filament here with the PP machines, and worst: doing filament with recycled plastic at all. i guess they did this rather to motivate people though…

but you could do larger filament to print furniture but also that requires a good set of skills, plenty of spare time and good load of cash if you start from scratch.

however, if you are on a tight budget you have quite a big problem. I saw people however doing with basic tools amazing stuff. there is plenty  of links, projects here in the forum but you’ll find much more outside of the PP universe. The other route is to connect with existing communities who have the means already in place.

I don’t want to demotivate you but creating a viable product from waste is a real tough task, nothing you do really on the side. it took us over a year to collect the tools, machines, network, suppliers to actually being able to build the more fitted machinery like a sheet press, vacuum or blow table because it turns out that each product/design requires it’s own set of tools & machines. one will realize quickly that the very first material development phase (collect plastic, wash, deform) makes only 20% of the whole story. the other 80% is research, networking and product design (endless hours). PP is basically (to me) just the tip of some huge iceberg, good enough to get an idea.

sorry, I wish I could tell better. but there is some good news to it: once you’ve got a handle, some basic tools and skills for this stuff, the matter of budget becomes less relevant, if you do good things, money comes to you and you can grow fast. I had some luck to get the main $$ for all this from somewhere else (bloody office job,…)