How to find money for his P.P. workshop!

Hi guy’s
I share one of the many opportunities to find money to finance the development of P.P in your area. In the hope that you will not sell P.P T-shirts 😉

Make partnerships with the shops in your area that give plastic bags to its customers. Present the P.P project, ask if they agree to charge 0.10 or 0.20 euro cents the bag in order to discourage people to use it. Paste a P.P. stickers on the shop window.
0.10 cents seems little but have thousands of bags given each day. The bigger the partner store will be the faster you will cash money.
For any bags bought the money is donated to your precious plastic workshop.



I love the idea
I don’t know why I didn’t think about selling a brand of stronger recycled plastic bags for example either for money or for a set number of PE bags per product.

for example one can put a poster : I trade 30 disposable plastic bags for one stronger reusable plastic bag, or for a specific price. If you manage to make bags of a consistent quality, this is definitely a viable option to start making profit out of an easy homemade product.

if you happen to change one shop which is not yours then you can change the world, happy for you 😉

mmmmh, i don’t really understand what you say but should be a good idea 😉

The small shop close to my flat gave behind 5000 and 6000 thousand plastic bags.

When they indroduce the taxe of 10 cents per sacs They divided by six the quantity of bag with less of thousand bags per month.

this 10 cents allows to buy bags a little bit more eco friendly…