How to move the plastic

Hi there.

I am from the beginning faszinated by the precious plastics idea and I am absolutly amazed by the crowd power you all have. Thank you soooo much all people out there. Hopefully I will soon find time to participate and find ways to implement recycled plastics into our future products.

I simply wanted to inform you all. There comes definitly the point to move stuff.

And what is better than to do it sustainable. Our carla cargo 3 wheel bike trailer is one solution to do so. I have created the company carla cargo to make a difference in the world of tomorrow. My kids and the kids of the kids of the kids need to have a chance to stay on earth and not get rubbish-strewn. I think this is a similar motivation behind the precious plastics movement.

Well. Enough talk. Time to act.

Carla Cargo is published under an open source hardware licence.

Feel free to use it to move your plastics 😉


@mabe awesome. and welcome to Precious Plastic