How to recolect Micro plastic from the environment

Hello, living near the sea.
my concern is the micro plastic.
Whenever we collect plastic near the sea, at the rocks on the sand and into the water,
it is an arduous task those micro particles that cost so much to collect.
I know there is a huge volume of plastic in large and medium size.
I just, I would love if in community, among all to try to develop a portable system that can help pick it up.

I was thinking when Dave showed the floating plastic to separate one of each other.  Maybe some tank with salty water and a Vacuum taking from the sand and some filters as nets to can separate little stones and the sand too.
I’m dreaming to find something that works properly, to can make this work easier.

Anyway, I will make some test and Prototypes, I hope to find fast to can make other things too…
Also one of the problems is how to move in the coast and up on the sand beach.

Bike ?
Thanks for give me the opportunity to share this concern…

Next day I will share my ideas with the
Molten plastic.
Good night