How to represent Precious Plastic Coordination

This year we started with Precious Plastic Gouda. We chose to use the Precious Plastic name because we took the concept as basement for our initiative. There had been some communication between our original initiator and headquarter in Eindhoven, but nothing more than that.

Currently, we are developing some workshops for children and thereby getting more public exposure. We find it important to make sure that we represent a movement and the community behind it. People and organizations talking to us should feel it the same way.

To make sure we are with our own developments in line with the vision behind the Precious Plastic concept, we like to get in touch with people who are willing to coordinate this and can initiate meetings with other initiatives (operating under the Precious Plastic name) at a regular basis. From the forum, I get the idea that this is not the focus of the organization at the headquarter (due to available resources?). However, when people get in touch with initiatives using the Precious Plastic name, they have some expectations because when they search for it on media, they find success stories about the main initiative. We like to make sure to meet these expectations.

Topics we like to discuss are regarding brand building (e.g. using recycled materials for exhibition stands), liability legislation when organizing workshops, communication with other (commercial and non commercial) organizations etc.

Are there more people facing the same questions? Is there already an initiative for this?


Hi @a-savelkoul,
I’ve read your post 2 times and all I can suggest is that using the name is ok as long you do the usual route, eg: awareness creating workshops or presentations or just do giftshop items. As soon you’re doing this as business, it might make sense to focus on an own brand (also for educational contexts). As for the connectivity with similar activities, you can try this forum, the map or possibly get more answers on Discord. I am not aware of specific protocols or exchanging content or workshop templates (there is progress). As far we can see there are is Eindhoven and it’s closer fanclub and as well the rather disconnected community doing their thing (not being here or contributing per se).

I hope others here may answer this better 🙂

all the best,

@a-savelkoul this design here worked great so far but it’s better to wait 2-3 weeks til we have a more professional design for your application (still 70+ Kg). Most machines in the bazar are rather for DIYers and enthusiasts and require some extra work (safety, wiring, …). In case you are in hurry, have a look at commercial alternatives in the wiki (independent from the  ‘official’ PP) for each machine.
And yes, using portable machines will yield in more clients in your case. There are quite some groups benefiting from such mobile design. In October the wiki will have most projects and known machine/components vendor & designs listed (‘aka awesome PP’).
best of luck,

Thanks for the replies

I think the value of Precious Plastic will also depend on which people you like to involve, but the core values will be the same.

Involving children and students is important to us as we would not only make them aware that there should something be changed, but also make them aware of how they will be part of these changes by providing them with the mindset to think for solutions themselves. Among them are the entrepreneurs and inventors of tomorrow who should give another direction to the way we consume. It’s also the way we build our society.

, I’m doing this beside a full time job, however, if you need input, for example by reviewing documents, please let me now. The kit from Monash University gives also some inspiration for the machines we like to build. Our goal is to make them easy to transport with a regular family car. It would be nice to have these kind of links being bundled in a kind of wiki.

thanks for the link to the Monash kit. I am integrating this into the wiki and the PP’s open source machine library. Their machine version seems to be good fit for public and private youth centers/schools. I like the 3 screens; ideal too for lab work.

Hey @a-savelkoul, very good topic 🙂

We ARE actually working on **guides for meet-ups, events and workshops **as well as for the branding and communication of a project.

I’d say it’s always good to choose the name “Precious Plastic xxx”, as this way people can find you more easily and see that you see yourself connected to Precious Plastic.
Generally the only thing to say is that it’s good to take the name of a city/smaller area instead of using a country or even continent, as there might be (or come) more Precious Plastic groups in the same country. And obviously it shouldn’t be something like “Precious Plastic” “Precious Plastic Original/Official/International” – that will be confusing for everyone who is looking for the original project!

Here some useful links for now:
– Precious Plastic Start section: Get an overview of what tutorial/content is already existing.
FAQ: Read through the frequently asked questions & their answers.
– Press kit: Find the press releases and some photo content (will be updated with V4!)

Oh and Precious Plastic Monash have some tools for events/education their Download kit, if you want to check it out 🙂

More to come!

For now, make sure that you carry the core values with you:
There is too much plastic being wasted and ending up in nature, so we need to find ways to collect it and turn it into something valuable which will last.
And at the same time, the production (especially of single-use plastic nonsense) needs to stop and people/industry need to stop seeing and producing plastic and other resources as something disposable, but rather as something precious we should treat carefully! 💪 . Not stated anywhere how the name Precious Plastics is registered or managed. Best to contact them directly .