How to transport the Plastic

Hey Jo!

In meantime many people are recycling a lot of plastic with the Precious Plastic machines, which is really nice. In addition to the recycling process itself, there is the question of how you’re able to transport your plastic.

You can transport it:
1. By car → you can transport a lot, but it’s not that sustainable
2. With a Backpack → very ecofriendly but you’re not really efficient
3. By bike → ecofriendly and with a cargo bike trailer you can transport a lot

I prefer the third one. And I already saw a topic with Carl Cargo which I really like. But for the most people in the beginning of starting a recycling workshop Carl Cargo could be too expensive and difficult to build.
So… in the open worksace I work in, there are people who created a more easy to build trailer. He’s called Velozack and is open source. You can transport euro containers or easily adapt the load area to your needs.
Have a look:

If you know similar systems like Carl Cargo or Velozack, it would be very cool to see them in this topic. Of course, a used trailer also fulfills its purpose;)



Great idea! and great work! but it would be grate to have an english version of site or even datasheets!

Hey Taras, you’re totally right. An English version is necessary. In meantime there isn’t an English version, but we’re working on it. If you have questions or you want to build the Velozack, I can help you out personally.