Hydraulic extruder


I have been trying to source the parts for the extruder as I would like to produce beams. The machine and the screw are the hardest and most expensive parts.

would it work to use a piston to push the plastic powered by a hand pump hydraulic quarter power, the would mean not having to use the screw and motor.

@hamish100 that’s a very interesting idea. Yes, it would work in theory but you need to try and test it since no one else has done it before, at least not with the PP extruder

correct, so the mould shouldnt be a problem with air as the plastic will be pushed up the mould until it reaches the stopper and be compressed.

I feel there may be an issue with air getting in the system on the extruder side

Im still trying to source the screw this side if it fails i will build this

If i understand well, you want to fill the tube on the left side with molten plastic from the right side? You need to fill the tube fairly quick if you want the plastic to reach the other end before it gets hard. This depends on the size of the beams.

ill give it a go, the biggest problem I see is keeping air out of the plastic but I think I have an easy solution for that see attached, if anyone thinks this cant work I would love to hear your comments before wasting time and money on the build thanks