I found some Blades, I think


So a friend suggested I look around to see if there were blades I could use instead of having some built. So I Googled shredder blades. It came up with a few prospects but I saw these and was like, doki? Check it out if you can. Tell me what you think. I’ll be investigating further in the mean time.

It looks like the hex bar would have to be thicker, and the teeth on this blade are a little shorter. But that’s my first impression without measuring.

you can find blades on the Precious Plastic Bazaar – http://bazar.preciousplastic.com

remember its not only the blades that need laser cut, there is the spacers and unit housing also, would be a bit messy to build this way and most likely counter productive

@mezz i think the most effective way to have a shredder machine is buying a ready machine from seller like precious plastic bazar or localshop (if you’re not too interested in machine building, because so much effort to do it).
or maybe you’re interested to check out this other way to make shredder cost lower

feel free to criticize

regards, halim