Guys, what about recycled paper? Paper, you can recycle more simply than plastic and it’s from more ways than plastic over the world and most important thing is, that is more cheapest than plastic … I know, that you specializing in plastic, but, if We want the clearest planet, We need to think about more ways

@sariannya could you show us some pictures I would love to see what this looks like “big oldy fashioned books n stationary” sounds like it would be a lot of fun.
Great Work!

Brilliant idea…we need to make bigger blenders for our paper projects. All we paper peeps do is literally rip paper into viable chunks, soak em really good, then feed the shreds into a blender with some water. You let this drain until its just soggy, not soaked, and add white/carpenters/wallpaper paste (whatever your preference is) to make it sticky again, roll that out into a sheet and lay it over a framework to make an object. What needs to be invented is a mass paper shredder that drops into a collection vat that you can soak in, then easily feed that into a huge bladed Cuisinart like thing to grind it back into pulp. If we could process enough material we can make amazing things. A fun thing we do here at home is take yard waste, grind that up and add it to our paper with the egg cartons and junk mail. It gives the paper an antique look that is awesome for like making big oldy fashioned books n stationary.

This is an interesting idea. And very necessary for modern society.