I look for a mchine builder in Mexico

Hi, I am a retired french in the island of Cozumel.
I would like begin a project, and I am looking to buy the shredder completed finish
I saw a web site “precious plastic Mexico” but many messages and no answer !
I need help
Capitan Luké

Welcome to Precious Plastic @capitanluke
@isalele and @mexplax like nearby Cozumel and they have shredders, maybe they can help you get yours


buenos noches yo también estoy empezando a construir las maquinas me podrian ayudar con algunas preguntas porfavor. me funcionan estas resistencias. 220 V 150 W 35 x 45 mm Inyección Máquina Calentador de banda de acero inoxidable 2 alambre de cerámica enchufe por la avanzada tienda


Hi amigos, yes, we have the machines and we are already starting to collect plastic and next weekend we will start to make a few tests. Our problem now is to find a good herrero here in Playa del Carmen that can help us with a mould….any suggestions and help will be more than appreciated.