I need a certain kind of button for this project

First of all, this forum is hard to use. I cannot find old postings, so please go to my Youtube video supporting Precious Plastic and contact me there.
The project is a recycled-clothing bag design that requires a certain kind of button to finish the straps. I am working on it myself, but I want to share the idea with those who are into larger scale recycling.

How I make the bags: cut off the bottom of denim pants legs, then cut the thin double-seamed strip of the remaining part to make the straps. The place where the strap is sewn to the bag is very thick and requires hand-stitching that is not always attractive to look at. A button that is like a cover, a kind of socketted button, that could be sewn or glued over the strap ends is what I am working on. Here is a picture of what needs to be covered:


Here is the whole bag

Thanks for sharing Denise


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