I think our projects can help each other!

Hi Guys,

Reading over your Precious Plastics – v4 Plan I saw that listed in your goals (3.11) you were hoping to use wind and solar for various workspace functions.

Well I started my Harmony VAWT project last year and am slowly working toward my first Alpha prototype to determine production potential and efficiencies. My wind turbine is currently Patent Pending and has been awarded a pre-seed grant from Ben Franklin Technologies for the unique features and capabilities it has.

I need to find strong an inexpensive scoop materials for my turbines and injection molds would be a great way to achieve mass production. When I saw your Precious Plastics project, my gears started turning. Then when I saw you were looking to get into renewables somehow, I figured I would reach out.

If you view my youtube playlist (http://CreatingMoore.com) you can see all of my updates over the past 6 months and how far I have come from my little plastic hand-held models.

Let’s chat and see what we can come up with guys! I love to get my hands dirty and I’m a pretty damn good Tinkerer. I have a feeling we can help each other in a number of ways.

I was also thinking of doing some direct drive experiments, just for fun, to drive your shredder directly from the main shaft of my VAWT. It would be interesting & cool to see it, even if it isn’t the best use of all the main shaft torque.


Howdy @hatch789,

Pretty impressive wind turbine design! I love that it’s based of naturally occurring designs, it looks sleek, and good luck going forward with the project! So you’re thinking of producing the blades from injection molded recycled plastic right? How hard do you think if would be to create power producing that battery store energy small scale models for precious plastic work spaces? Not simple I’m guessing, but I’m just curious about intended use-case

Guys I’m going to post under the Machine development board since what I really need is to discuss (first and foremost) the injection mold process (like BOPE does) but for my turbine scoops. I’d love to see if we could come up with a way to produce these 100% from recycled plastics building from process you already have in place. I’ll keep this thread here for the larger goal of helping you to go even more GREEN with Wind Power. But for now I’m going to focus on the turbine scoops and once that gets some momentum I believe this thread and the general concept will pick up. I know we can work well together, we just need to have a starting point.

Hi Bryce, Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion and make a comment. I don’t think it would be hard to produce power at all… in fact it’s the whole reason I’m doing this so that people can install these on their homes to produce reliable power and lower their carbon footprint.

My wife is working on her food truck business and we’re planning on putting one of my Harmony VAWT’s on top of her truck as well as solar. Then you would pump everything into a super-capacitor bank (I hate batteries) and then off of the bank you use an inverter to make the 110v required for the equipment. In Precious Plastic’s case we could do the identical thing accept you could make the units all run off of 12v so there’s no need for inverters. They lower the efficiency a little bit.

The cool part is equipment can continue running (think food truck fridges / freezers) while you drive because the alternator is making 12v which is exactly what the cap-bank stores. So driving fills up the bank initially as you go to your location and then once there your bank is filled by solar / wind as much as possible.

In the end you would have  a small generator also dumping directly into the cap-bank, but it would ONLY come online if the bank got below a certain percentage (say 20%). It would also shut itself off when the bank got to 75%. In this way you would have the generator running only for brief periods to top off the bank if wind / solar were not able to produce enough.

It’s  a pretty cool model and I’d love to build it out with you guys if you’re interested. I know nothing about injection mold plastics so if you can help me make my scoops out of recycled plastics I can definitely help to power your mobile army! 🙂

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