So I had this idea, I needed to help fund my research in alternative energy and show people how to turn trash into a real solution. And I thought I had a new idea until I stumbled onto Precious Plastics  and Daves youtube channel. Wow amazing ! He beat me to it. Anyway my idea was to do a Bottle Caps for Mad Science campaign and promote it on http://WWW.SHAZIZZRADIO.COM on my radio show for Mad Science. And to get all the schools in the US involved in a real cool recycling program that would keep them interested  in making stuff and excited about science at the same time. I still fully intend on doing this and more. I want to help your cause and would really like to speak with Dave if possible on Skype I would also Love to have him on the Radio show as well if possible. I believe this is an Amazing thing that all you wonderful people are doing and I want to help in every way possible. We have everything needed to fix the world and I want to prove it to the world. This is just one of many things that I am working on. Would sure love to hear from anyone and have a chat. My user name on Skype is SHAZIZZ. Check me out on youtube as well if you like.  🙂


hey this sounds amazing, I am sure PP can be of help to you. about fixing this  world thingy I’d rather refer to George Carlin on ‘Saving the planet’ 😉
I think the name precious plastic is self-explaining. Nonetheless, I found it amazing that people start cleaning beaches 🙂