I want to use burning gas in place of electricty

The community where I intern setting up my workshop has limited supply of electricity, I planned using burning gas in the melting process but how to build the machine is a hard question to me, how do I solve this problem? any suggestions?

A gas oven?  Temperature control will be harder and plastic smoke is flammable, so very risky.


LPG generator?

I’ve thought about this and plan to build a large gas-fired oven for my compression moulding project. You can get some inspiration here: https://www.powdercoatingforum.net/forum/ovens-and-booths/2877-my-propane-fired-oven-build

I’ll be making a lot of changes to it, and will eventually want to heat it with a rocket stove.

The suggestion by @brettc for using oil would work as well, and is probably better suited to injection and extrusion, where you could run pipes of hot oil along the cylinder. Obviously some oils would be more appropriate than others – you’d have to find ones with high smoke point, high heat transfer coefficient, etc…

What about using the gas to head oil then piping the hot oil through/around the area that needs heating.  Controlling oil temp would be easier than a direct flame as you would heat a reservoir of oil.  An engine oil pump should be easy and cheap to get.  An oven could even use a heat exchanger as an element.

I’ve put a little thought in to this, but with little tangible progress so far.  Hoping to get to it this in the coming months….

the idea is to use something like a simple indirect flame oven like the ‘butterfly camping oven’ for coarse tuned heating with a variable speed fan that meters in fresh air for fine tuned heating.
I’m assuming it’s going to need a lot of mass (firebrick, cob, etc)  to ease the wild temperature swings – it would take much longer to get to temperature, so I expect it’s something to run when in production mode only

would love to hear if anyone else has had similar thoughts