Idea for a new machine to make awesome big sheets of plastic

There’s this machine I found called the RS30 that effortlessly makes really awesome sheets of plastic.

You can see it in this video here:
(it’s the second machine they show)

But that machine is super expensive. Plus as far as I can tell I can’t even get it in the U.S.

So I was thinking this would be an amazing addition to the Precious Plastic machine collection!

It doesn’t seem any more complicated than the other machines you designed so beautifully. So what do you say?


Now small sheets of plastic can be handled by the current Compressor. However this is basically just a giant panini press for plastic.

I’ve thought about low budget plastic machines before. E.g. I thought of making a smaller low cost compressor out of a toaster oven. I might grab myself a cheap waffle iron and try and rig something similar to this machine up.

Looks pretty cool! I’m wondering if you could achieve a similar result using a T-shirt heat press? They have adjustable temperature settings and could press a good area at a time. Let me know what you think

… and then those sheets could be used for thermo-molding, which is very much diy.

Like the idea @christinerenee –we have actually been thinking about this for a while. But we need some extra manpower to get in done. Until that time it will be stuck on our to-do list…