Idea for producing plastic pellets

been trying to think of a was to attach some kind of blade on  the end of my extruder that would produce a fairly round pellet but Im stuck on ideas!

Also have not figured this out yet.

You should be able to have the plastic ‘drip’ into a container of water, like candle wax, using the cooling on the outside, and the preasure on the inside to create a somewhat round form, but maybe I’m just dreaming…

I want small pellets. Not some with straight hard edges but something more round. Don’t need to be a bead that is perfect. I thought about attaching a kinda curved bland.

Depending on how big, how many, and how perfect, I would consider trying a split mold that forms the shape. If they are large, maybe one mold that repeatedly squeezes the correct shape (kind of like a pair of pliers) and drops it into water. If there are a lot of small (airsoft sized?) pellets, maybe a mold with 10 or 15 in a row and the extruder bead is place along the row and then squeezed. If it is a standard size, this could be made with a ball endmill.  For a limited number, may be even cast it in plaster or equivalent.

Kinda curious how @davehakkens chopped up his extruded plastic in those “running your own place” videos.  Seems like it would be a place to start, after you had it hardened, cooled and rolled up, though.