If I knew then what I know now

Hey everyone!

My name is Chris Beardsley and I’m a graduate student of Industrial Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). For my thesis I’m going to be constructing the precious plastic tools to help educate fellow industrial designer students of building with sustainability in mind as well as helping move SCAD towards being a zero waste university.

My question for you all is, Is there anything you wished you’d have known or done differently before starting your PP projects? Ie. what material worked better for the exterior, Websites for parts, wiring, etc.

I’m putting together a material sheet now and will be starting construction in 3 weeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also would love to hear from anyone who’s built these tools for educational purposes. What worked, what failed, what you might have done differently. Thank you for your time and consideration.



I wish I knew enough about metal gauges and how to model in 2D/3D CAD before deciding to cut my shredder using metric files and imperial steel.

I wish I knew enough about how to calculate torque and what was the minimum torque needed to shred common plastics

I wish I knew before how awful plasma cut quality is on thick metal

xxxolivierxxx. Thank you!

I was actually worried about just the same thing. I’ve made a material list and its very hard to find metric calculated parts in the US. I was about to start CADing the machine to meet the specifications of parts that I can find here before sending it off for waterjet. Were tolerance’s an issue for you?

What parts did you need to plasma cut? Its always really messy.

Do you think this motor will work for the shredder? its a
AC Gearmotor 115 Nameplate RPM 6 Max. Torque 600.0 in.-lb. Enclosure ODP