Imperial conversion

Hello everyone,
I live in the U.S. and for some reason we still haven’t adopted the metric system. So the plans don’t work as well because metal suppliers don’t carry 3mm 5mm and 6mm stainless steel. I was wondering if aluminum would work for the shredder?

Hello @ethanticao
There is someone who already build an aluminum shredder, but I honestly would not recommend it. Feel free to take a look at his project:

Also, on regards of your Metric/Imperial system problem, I suggest you to contact and by email, they worked together to adapt the machine units to use Imperial measures, and they should be able to sell you a shredder as well. They are based on Dallas, but shipping the machine to Michigan should not be a problem. They might also give you the imperial converted blueprints.


One of our forum members converted the shredder drawings to imperial units. No one have tested cutting a shredder with his drawings yet but theoretically, they should work just fine. More info here:

Working on it right here.

The difference is small in Imperial and metric if you get the right widths.
– using 1/4″ for 6mm. 11 gauge for 3mm and 3/8 in. (forgot gauge for this) for 5mm stainless steel. –
I’ve found the difference is a lengthening on the shaft by 1.5 or so mm so using the original files should fit (the framing left and right frame parts are the only near exception) just fine (you MAY need to make the tabs smaller or the holes bigger on the frame in order for the tabs to properly fit with the difference in width) I haven’t gotten my parts back from the manufacturer, but I did a bit of math and that’s what I came up with.

Has anyone had any luck contacting or

I’m interested in an English/Imperial units conversion for the blueprints for the machines too … I’m really surprised they aren’t posted as a download option yet. Did you not ask kmoore and timmy_martin if they would share the PDF/DXF files yet? I’ll email them of course but … it seems like you guys here would be the right people to host and post them.