Improve the forum

Hi all,
I wanted to ask a question on the Questions area but i didn’t know if the question was already asked.
Do you think we could add a search bar which could search words on title topics ?

When i write a topic, i can’t see what i wrote on the title bar (look at the screenshot 🙂 ). Any ideas ?



One other thing, i didn’t know if the picture was uploaded so if you can add a little cross to say “ok the picture is uploaded” 🙂


good idea! But indeed like @siemenc said, small team many things going on. Will try to focus more on the community development now v3 is out 🙂

Ok my bad 🙂
Thak you for the tips !

Hi @malaki,

I posted these things a while ago as well here:
But I think the (small but dedicated) precious plastic team has been focusing more on the new V3 and the upcoming dutch design week showcasing.

There is a search bar if you go to the main forums page: