Improving the shredder in Chile

Here in Chile every day more people are interested in the subject of recycling. Here the photos of the first machine manufactured for a client. 2 HP of power, special for plastic caps of hdpe and pp.

Acá en Chile cada día más gente se interesa en la temática del reciclaje. Aquí las fotos de la primera máquina fabricada para un cliente. 2 HP de potencia, especial para tapas plásticas de hdpe y pp.


Wauw!! looks super good 😀 Nice color

Your shredder looks super-professional @chelbig, congratulations 😉
Would you be so kind to share your shredder motor details/experience on my topic? I’m trying to collect real-life testimonies of people who have built their shredder to know how their motors performed and which characteristics do they have.