Improvised Shredder Machines

My group is looking to get started with this recycling process, but we do not yet have the materials/funds we need to set up a proper shredder of the kind shown on the Precious Plastic site. What are some machines that would suffice in the meantime for shredding small waste such as bottles, single-use food containers, etc?

What machine will you be using for recycling the plastic (injection, press, extruder)? You don’t need a shredder for all of these.

What plastic? Avoid PET bottles, unless you’ve figured out what to do with PET (not many have).

With HDPE and PP you can get a lot of initial work done with manual shredding

I love the results Vanplestik are getting but I didn’t think they were using filament. I thought they used flakes and beads directly.

@s2019, ‘Vanplestik’ archived quite good results but it’s still kinda rocket science and anything working alright – a little above or below – is often kept proprietary. but you’re right, smart folks are working on it; we all needed this long ago 🙂

@mattsarapas, please check the wiki on filament. it heavily depends on the plastic you want to make filament from. PLA possibly, other 3dprint materials : maybe but recycled plastic rather not. There are also better suited extruders focusing exclusively on filament.

The waste plastic to usable 3D filament extruder will be a great invention. While some work is being done, this machine does not readily exist to my knowledge. Your solution to this problem may drive the design of the shredder (it may require very fine particle size).
Please post your extruder design concept. There will be a lot of interest.
Good luck

We are planning to extrude the plastic into 3D printer filament.

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here are the alternatives we know of. Please check also the mentioned sources as Pinterest. There is every week something new coming up. If you found a suitable alternative, please let us know. The very shredder wiki page is the most visited one and we’re happy to add more machines.
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