Industrial Screw (extrusion machine)

Hi everybody

Where can we find the industrial screw, we can’t find it anymore on the bazaar?


Sheep On Wheels

Hi @sheeponwheels

I need one too !

Last news was from @preciousplastic order 20 pieces but i don’t know if it’s still going on. @jerzeek ?

I’m trying to buy one at this moment in china. But it cost really expensive.

At the moment i have an offer for switzerland :
220 usd for the screw
15 usd for the shipping (1 month per boat)
200 usd for customs fees
150 usd for the last 200 km (to zurich in my house)

Maybe if order more pieces the price going down
Where you from ?



@geat @sheeponwheels
Screws are back in stock on the Bazar!

@plasticsurfer, want to put yours on the Bazar as well? There you’ll find buyers for sure! 🙂

Hi guys!

I have excess screws as they accidently overproduced these for me.
Based exactly on the upgraded design and using 38CrMoAiA material,

Going cheap for $210 USD excluding postage.

Thank for your answer @sheeponwheels. I’m waiting for the stock in bazar.

In case there are an other topic for this screw




I just spoke with the people from the bazaar and they said that it will be back in stock the following weeks.

Then it will be only around 250€ with shipping.

We are from Belgium, near Antwerp by the way.

Sheep On WHeels