Industrial screw for extrusion (worm compression)


I search to buy the worm compression of v2 extrusion machine.

I saw one in the bazar shop from @precious plastic but it is not there anymore…

Not found in aliexpress or ebay too… But maybe i don’t use the right name…

Any idee or suggestion ?

The best will be a brand or a shop from europe. (i’m come Switzerland)

Thank you

Hi @geat 🙂

True, the screw is temporarily (!) out of stock, we ordered 20 more, but they still need to arrive.

Meanwhile the technical drawings are also in the downloadkit 🙂 so maybe if you find someone with a lathe that can make it

Greetz, Jerry

Hi @jerzeek,

Do you think the pack of 20 srew have a chance to arrive for christmas ? Definitly need one 🙂



Thanks @jerzeek.

I will try to look how it cost here and if i need to sell a kidney for buy it, i will order in the bazar.