Injection machine pressure

Can someone look at a photo of my machine and let me know if my heat bands are spaced correctly? I feel like the plastic in the tip isn’t being liquified as good as the stuff in the middle of the tube. I’m setting the bottom two heaters to 290 and the top two to 270. Melting abs pellets.

oops disregard the one photo with three heat bands.

It is hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like the thermocouples are attached to the heater bands. The tube may be cooler. Do you have a way to measure the tube temperature independently to check?

Thank you guys for the tips! Turns out I was just not waiting long enough for the plastic to heat up. Sorry. I’m new.

They should be near the heaters they control but the sensor tips should be on the thing you are trying to control the temperature of, in this case the tube and maybe the nozzle. Take a look at my description in the Dec 14 post in this thread . If you follow that approach, I would dremel a shallow dimple for the thermocouple tip to press press against. The laser should work but may not be precise enough at this temperature. A BBQ probe sensor could work as well.

Aren’t they supposed to be attached to the heaters? Do you think a temperature laser would work?