Injection mold quick release

Hi Makers!
Great to see that this community is so alive!
It’s very inspiring to read all of your stories and to learn from each other’s projects.
Lately we have been playing around ourselves with different types of molds and connectors and we would love to share some insights with you.

We’ve found a way to speed up the injection process by building a three-part mold which is held together with toggle clamps. We have been using this technique for some weeks now and I must say that we are amazed with the clean outcome and the high speed of injecting. Let us know if you have any questions. (click on the images to see the full process)

Greetings from the Adidas Makerlab team.






Hey there, could you share a link with the clamps or did you
produce them by yourself? If you can tell me where to find them would
be great 🙂

@siemenc legally speaking it is a no go, but if you stick with plastics which has been used for food, and steer clear of toxic mold releases and start using oil or wax (mineral oil for instance). i think you would be clear to go. besides, a spork isn’t in contact with the food for a prolonged period of time.

this is really nice…

Pretty clever design, congrats 🙂


Hey guys,
Am I right to assume you have three mould plates, the middle one you are holding in hands on the photo?

That looks REALLY GOOD.

Can you show more detailed photos of the mold setup or a video so we can replicate it?

How do you handle outgassing of air in the mold and picture of the sprue and runners?


Hello, I am currently building the injection machine. I have a doubt, the steel bar that goes inside the barrel are they exact? 26 mm? I have 1 mm difference, I will have problems with that?

@siemenc it may not be a no go, but according to eu law, the efsa must control and allow the cleaning and manufacturing process. but I think that is quite expensive.

Very nice! Clean mold and clean products but… Recycled plastics and food products is as far as I know a no-go. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Wauw, proper production running!! looks good 🙂