Injection Moulding - Optimization & Speedup Tips

Precious Plastic - Injection Moulding - Optimization & Speedup Tips

Machine related optimizations

  • Insulation allows for faster and better heating.
  • It’s possible to extrude plastic into the barrel. This reduces melting times and provides better melt.

Mould related optimizations

  • Optimize molds by reducing the size of runners, gates, other cavities, and the part itself. See more about injection moulds
  • Optimizing the part to be molded by adding features such as draft angles, ribs, fillets, holes, and gussets for strength instead of just making the part thicker. This enables to reduce the thickness and volume of the part, thus making parts faster.
  • A quick-release for opening molds. Refinement to the injection nozzle and a quick release for connecting the mold itself to the injection machine.
  • Adding more parts per mold allows you to make more parts at once thus saving time but would mean that the material and thus mold cost and complexity would be increased

Plastic related optimizations

  • Smaller flakes reduce air voids but enable also more consistent molten plastic

Workflow adjustments

  • Adding/creating schedules and timings- this would allow for less waiting around and lesser mistakes or errors and reduce wastage of time waiting for things like mold and part cooling and heating
  • Pre-heat the mold. This allows the plastic to the injected quicker. This could also lead to problems as the part won’t then cool down fast enough. The solution would be to only heat specific parts of the mold such as the runners or the nozzle-connection between the machine and mold
  • Increasing the temperature of the plastic-this requires experimentation and testing for your specific plastic but this would allow you to work faster as it would take less time for the plastic to fill the mold as the plastic will be less viscous
  • Making a bigger hopper/adding extensions to the hopper- this would mean less time spent refilling the hopper as well as less time used in heating the plastic as it will already be slightly heated from the hopper
  • Reducing the path between the part being molded and the nozzle- this would lead to less plastic used which means that you can work faster and will allow you to fit more parts per mold