Injection Simplification – no screws, not threads


Inspired by people using a car jack I came up with this idea: Instead of bolting the mould-halves together and screwing it onto the injection nozzle simply use a parallelogram-based construction. Fix the left side onto a wall. To inject simply lift up the whole injector, insert the nozzle in the cavity of the mould then inject. The pressure on the lever should keep all in place.
Tell me what do you think about it?
Will be used at for producing parts for village water pumps

Yes, once you get away from the screw on mold, there are several options for interfacing with the mold. I’m not sure you need the parallelogram. You only need a small motion to create an overlap with the mold. If you look at @andyn ‘s machine , he lets the cylinder float on a spring. In my machine, I went the other way and use a pair of shallow wedges to bring the mold up to a fixed nozzle.

Looks like you have a great project going.

This is our injection moulder , also no screws , just a nozzle that squirs into your mould , The table that the mould sits is height adjustable.