Input needed Lego Grid Mold system

Hey there,

before going on vacation (don’t be sad, we are back in short 🙂 I thought I leave this here. Most customers (edu) we came across are super excited about the machines but have quite some difficulties to use them or don’t really know what to do with them. Currently we have no other choice than pointing them to the bazar or Instagram when it comes to molds and I am honestly not convinced about the offer and best so far were interlocking tiles.

Since a while @s2019 is doing great stuff with aluminium folie and other materials and pretty much delivered the impulse for this followup here. However, we need a flexible/universal mold system for kids/teens ( and half kids as ourself :-). The idea is to have a base system with which you could build up interlocking shapes and build even an functional machine from it.

Possibly  it’s a stupid idea and there are quite some challenges and I haven’t found much about but here it is :


**– aluminum plate with 120mm side length – M5 hole pattern
– blocks to articulate primitive shapes, able to stack them up as well
– M5 set screws for mounting blocks but also to close holes on the plate from underneath
– For custom or more detailed shapes, folks can use fill material and alu folie

I know for now that this systems is going to be pretty expensive but possibly there are already existing components.

any input is welcome,


I guess it depends on how old the kids are. For the younger ones, one option might be a system for making custom plaques, buttons, coasters using something similar to typesetting (though using female stamps to get raised letters). For example you could make a button similar to the ones I was making with a central cylindrical stamp (flower, emoji, skull, etc.), surrounded by pie shaped stamps with letters, etc. All this contained in a sleeve. Of course you could do rectangular plaques in the traditional typesetting approach. Might have to seal the surface so the seems between the blocks don’t show.

For older kids, I would migrate them to simple CAD (even extruded 2D images) and use a CNC router to make simple 2D molds.

Enjoy your vacation (if you get bored, you should be able to carve a mock-up of the concept I described out of a round of nice firm cheese)