Interlocking brick mould

Here we'll show you how to make a brick using the injection machine and the mould we designed in Chiangmai, Thailand. A beautiful, functional model.

From: BOPE, Thailand


art final 1.skp art final 2.skp


3D Files

Step 1 - Get ready

What you need: Injection machine, mould making tools

This is our workspace in Chiangmai. :slight_smile:

Step 2 - Idea and first drawing

We wanted to develop a product that can have many functions. So we decided to figure out a shape that can be adapted or compliment one another to get a variety of uses. Finally we decided to draw a curved shape. The idea of this shape is to be attached to each other like a Lego. You can use this design as a plant pot or connect it as a partition and build a wall.

Step 3 - Make the 3D drawing

First of all, we would like to tell you that our mould design is highly detailed and takes a lot of time to craft. The mould should be made from aluminum with CNC machine. To be easy for you all, please download our mould design above.

Step 4 - Machining the mould

Using the Sketchup file above to make the mould. We used the CNC Machine from a local manufacturer in Chiangmai.

Step 5 - Prepare for injecting

Tools you need for injecting:


Bolt x 8 pieces

Nut x 8 pieces

Bolt & Nut for locking x 1 set

Electric drill


Step 6 - Prepare your material

Prepare your shredded plastic. For this product we use PP. For one brick you will need around 300 gram.

Step 7 - Injection time!

Turn on the Injection machine (180°C) and wait for it to heat up.

When the temperature is ready, you can put the shredded PP into the Machine.

Step 8 - Prepare the mould

While waiting for the plastic to melt, you can assemble the mould.

Step 9 - Press

When both your machine and the mould are ready, connect the mould to the injection machine. Then press it!

Step 10 - Detach the mould

Wait for the moudl to cool down. Then detach and carefully open the mould to take out your freshly baked recycled plastic brick!

Remove the injection channel with a little scissor or knife

Step 11 - Finish the product

Last finishes.

Step 12 - Explore the possibilities!

You can use this for Flower Pots. Or You can make more & more for a partition or the wall.

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