Is searching topics possible

I’m quite embarrased to ask this, but I’ve tried and I can’t find it… Is there a way to search among topics?


I believe the search feature is not implemented in the forum yet, if you try to search with the top right magnifying glass you will only get results from the Story Hopper and Dave Hakkens posts

It would just be a matter of removing the iframe and putting all the code directly into the body of the page, although it may affect the responsive design that is currently implemented.

Ahha. Upon closer inspection, I know why there are 2 scroll bars. It would seem your theme uses a frame or iframe, which sizes and scrolls seperatly to the main page

Works fine on mobile 🙂 but for future, I’d recommend moving it above the recently active users section… Would make it more obvious

thanks for sharing a screenshot with it @procastino, very helpful. Shouldn’t look like tha, hehe 😶 We will look into it…

Hi Dave!

Wow, it shows! Well, kind of… Now I realise that there are two vertical scroll bars, and if I scroll down with the mouse’s wheel, it doesn’t get to the search bar. I have to go to the outmost scroll bar and drag it down to see it.
FYI, my screen is 1366×768, and this issue happens also when I hide my Bookmarks and even if I press F11 to switch to full screen. I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu 15.10. I put a screenshot so you see.
Happy to see that the forum has this feature, it will be much easier now!

By the way… congrats and thanks for your work, it’s amazing! 🙂

You don’t have the searchbar in the blue footer?

Well, it’s a relief that it’s not me, but it’s a drag that the forum doesn’t support this feature. :confused:
It would be something very interesting to avoid multiplication of topics and facilitate finding information… just in case someone with power to solve it reads this! 😉