Is the motor I found worth buying

Hello I am Maxime,

I found a elektro motor online for my extruder machine.
It has 136 RPM but only 0,25 KW.
It costs 50 euro’s so I don’t want to buy something that won’t work.
Does anyone know if 0,25 KW is enough power for an extruder machine?

Thanks in advance 🙂

Usually 250w could be enough but 136 Rpm I thing will be too fast, you need something with 70 RPm or less, the torque with the same power will be the double.

Thank you very much for your helpful and fast replies 🙂

@maximederuiter at least for the shredder its not worth it. Maybe you could built an extruder with it but still, the horsepower is just too low.
For the shredder always look for a minimum of 1.5kw

@maximederuiter @fabirihotmail-com
Please use the search function to look for similar topics, this issue has been discussed dozens of times in the forums. Short answer: The torque of that specific motor is too low, the rpm too high. Please try to educate yourself with the detailed information given previousely.
yours Flo

Of course, the low rpm of the output Shaft the more torque it has, you can use chain or gear or belt.

Thank you for your reply.
Do you know if I make a mechanical construction to halve the RPM with gears would the torque be affected?
And if so, would the force be higher or lower.