Is this the right motor

Will this motor work??

I haven’t built a shredder, but based on the bill-of-materials in the downloads, I think that is too fast and weak – your picture shows 1730 RPM and 1/3 hp, but the BOM suggests about 2kw (which is 2.7 hp) and about 70 RPM.

Honestly, sourcing the motor seems like a likely problem in building the shredder.

Some more motor info here @iovanydeleon

Trying to come up with some alternatives so people can adapt using the motors that they can get there hands on.

Not with the final 2.0 version yet…
we tried with a earlier prototype, so for sure it can be done.
if you take a race or mountainbike you have a lot of gears to run it with :).
the only thing is to add some weight to the rear wheel, to make it a flighwheel.

@keesdeligt Have you tried using a bicycle set up instead of hand crank?

In this movie you see dave and me, working with a handpowered shredder.
Hand Powered Shredder
Easy to operate by hand, but running slow obviously.
If i’m right the gearbox ratio was 1:10, the bicycle chains 1:2,5.
Getting tiered running be hand, we used a battery drill in the workshop, it could handle the smaller petbottles easily. So with a total ratio of 1:25 or 1:30 it could be run by hand.
Mu guess is, if you want to use this motor you have to reduce the rpm’s to about 50 so make gears with chain or v-belts.

Regards Kees

Yeah I think @jdunck is right and finding/building a transmission to increase the power and reduce speed is probably too much. I took a look at ebay and could not find one… Lots of car electric engines like window motors or starters. Wonder if a starter would work.