Joint order to SwedenEU

Hello! We are a few people at Opena together with private people who will order laser-cut stainless steel parts for the shredder. For now the prices seem to be about 250 USD per set, pluss shipping, for bulk orders. We want to save money by ordering more and divide the price for shipping. Or if somebody knows a cheaper place it would be great too!

Let’s build our way to an open-source circular sharing economy 🙂

Hey @1andreasse you should read this topic
One set for 77.50€ + shipping.

I’m in Belgium and I am interested.
When will you make your next order.

I have a vat number, so I don’t pay vat if I have an invoice. It could be less expensive for everyone.

Best regards

It sounds much better! I would especially love to join if you decide to go all Stainless steel, probably with one set for me and one set for my friend 🙂 I’ll mail you!

Thank you @ashrak 🙂
@1andreasse, we found a really inexpensive company in Braunschwaig.

I figured out that with ordering 10 sets we achieve the best utilization of the metal sheets, so we can order 10 sets for 775€ (77,50€/set).
(This is with stainless steel for the 5mm parts and normal steel for the 3mm and 6mm parts though – I will ask again about the price for completely stainless steel).

Would you like to join? I already have nearly 10 sets on the list again, so we might be able to order again soon!