K Show 2019 – Biggest Plastic Exhibition

Hello Everyone,
I have been mostly following the precious plastic since a few years. The work that is being done is great. What i would now bring to everyones attention is that the largest plastic exhibition is going to be this year, called the K Show (aka K Trade, K Messe or just K 2019). This is so big that it can only be organised every 3rd year. It takes place is Düsseldorf Germany this October from 16th to 23rd.
You can have more details at https://www.k-online.com/ .

Just key points I would like to mention,
– You can see almost all plastic processing methods in ACTION !!!
– Get a feeling what is actually going on the field of plastic and how big of an industry it is.
– Almost every Plastic raw material producer is there. See first hand differnt kinds of plastics.

If any one is intersted in visiting, please do book your travels and room (if you wanna stay longer) way ahead.

I cant promise, but I am expecting free day passes which might not be needed. I can forward those to any one visiting. Regardless ,actual prices are here

I will be visiting for work reasons but if anyone wanna meet, I can show them around.




Düsseldorf is pretty close to Eindhoven (where I live) so I’ll try to attend.

Especially because there’s also a Circular Economy focus, this could be a very interesting show indeed.

If you can spare 1 or 2 daypasses this would be great.

I’ll try to bring back as much information as possible (and share).


For those who can’t go:

The online catalogue for these kind of shows can also be a valuable source of information. Most attendees will also have their website listed, including product videos and datasheets etc.