Killing PP forums & a new forum

hey my dear friends,

it has came that far, PP Eindhoven decided to kill PP’s biggest asset of PP ever, the forum, all together with ways to keep exchanging on particular ideas, projects – which often enjoy visibility and inspirations throughout many years for others.

Unfortunately the kill comes with no proper replacement, far from that. All we’ve got is a chat system, made for gamers where messages have a life time of 2 hours at best. Also, audiences who prefer a proper forum just are locked out and sadly, nobody will find ideas, links to projects back in some weird chat system.

Having said that, we’r really sad to see this sort of set back for innovation, exchange, richer content being killed for the sake of convenience. We learned a lot from here as others.

It’s important to understand that older conversations are valuable to others – the reason why chat systems help only in a particular moment and only to a very few but is lost for whose need it again. That’s a very frustrating task for active moderators who keep repeating the same thing over and over again…. The other good thing with a forum is that it’s content receives usually more attention and thus gains quality and yields. And best of it, the content there is visible and accessible to others, Discord is hosted on a proprietary platform with reported privacy issues and concerns; all content there is hidden behind a login, etc… That doesn’t help anyone either nor it’s technical barriers coming due to it’s yet incomplete technology.

We’ve setup a new forum instead :

Please feel free to signup with your social accounts. It’s not perfect yet, and to some degree it has more tools and features than needed but we make sure it’s all back to normal, incl. migrating your old posts.

god speed & happy R&D

your PlasticHub Dev Team


Thanks for posting this.  @davehakkens should probably post a banner announcement and lock the forum.

Thanks for starting a new venue. The community benefits from an active forum.