Kite – Make your own Smartphone

Hi All,

I am Shree. I run a project named “Kite”. This is basically a DIY kit of electronic components. Assemble these into a 3D printed shell. Drive in 6 screws. And your smartphone is ready for you. Free in every way. No chains to tie you down.

Next steps ? Use our recipes to make cool stuff – Kite is a DIY smartphone kit. You can change it in many ways : add your own electronics (use all the Raspberry Pi Stuff), change the battery, use your own antenna, change the “case”, totally customize Android, linux kernel, bootloader. It’s a DIY heaven that we will deliver to you in January 2019.

Kite is an Open Hardware Android Smartphone – and in that it stands alone! We have started a crowdfunding campaign for this on Kickstarter.

I welcome your feedback. If you like it, please back it on kickstarter now. Don’t wait & make everyone cry – this is not a modular smartphone. It’s the real deal.

We have a few pledge levels:
– $1 for thank you
– $5 for your name
– $25 for a 24 hrs of fun & educational videos
– $274+shipping for early bird kit. This is delivered in January.

If you have great ideas, I encourage you to contact me at . We have a program called “Backers we Love”. We ship test kits to backers who rock!

Thanks a lot & I am open to questions…

— Shree